Our reputation precedes our name; About two decades back, Najam Usmani began dabbling in real estate as a side business. He enjoyed bringing people together to accomplish something tangible. Guided by this mindset, he created Epic 3 Holdings which is far from an ordinary real estate company. E3H comprised of a tightly knit team that moved fast and made profits - of which five percent was allocated toward community charities.

Najam trusted his team and empowered them to do extraordinary work together. He found his purpose through the joy and success that resulted from helping others. Whether supporting education initiatives from the Governor’s office or serving local charities like Loaves and Fishes, Allegro Foundation, A Champion for Children with Disabilities or Steve Smith Family Foundation, it was more satisfying than any other bottom-line benefit he knew in corporate America. To him, THIS was the American dream.

Fast forwarding to today — Longsouth Capital is the product of a series of successful projects that have led to the formation of an abundant network of clients. We are excited to assist you on your journey to finding the perfect home and offer tried and tested advice based on years of experience and extraordinary residential flips!

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