North Carolina

is world-renowned for its qualities and showcases spectacular houses, a phenomenal climate, unprecedented nature access, and a close-knit community of people. Better known as the Research Triangle for its charming rural areas, superb beaches, magnificent mountains, and year-round recreational activities, North Carolina is attracting thousands of potential renters and single family home buyers every year.

Longsouth Capital was founded in 2021 as the parent company of Epic 3 Holdings, Marvin Villas, Gothic Court, East Jones and various other residential projects across the state of North Carolina. With a goal to provide luxurious living in a picturesque suburban landscape, LSC aspires to beautify the neighborhoods of a city that holds a special place in the heart of our founder, Najam Usmani.


Choosing a home can be a life changing decision;

Whether you’re a medium-sized family seeking quality living or a working individual in a transitory phase of life, inhabiting a space that is a reflection of “YOU” becomes tantamount to defining your future.

Longsouth Capital is a boutique real estate developer that sets itself apart by meticulously selecting all of the fine details that are the foundation for a beautiful home.

From the schematic design phase until the day we hand over your newly minted keys,  Longsouth Capital is committed to making sure your home-buying experience runs smoothly. Our experienced team is looking forward to helping you find the home that best suits your lifestyle.

Looking back

With a proven history of industry excellence, Longsouth Capital brings you a selection of comfortable and cozy homes in North Carolina. From ornate, Victorian style residences to stately homes boasting the elegant lines that are synonymous with Colonial style architecture, our homes are customized to accommodate modern tastes while reflecting the quaint Southern charm that has made Charlotte one of the fastest growing cities in the region

“We acquired and rehabbed about 50 properties including single-family homes and townhomes in just three years.

We were beautifying neighborhoods, but we were also changing lives”.

Carolina Panthers Stadium
Outer Banks, NC

Pineville Matthews Matthews, North Carolina

Winterfield Charlotte, North Carolina

Carolina Panthers Stadium
Carowinds Amusement Park

Winterfield 2 Charlotte, North Carolina

Old Stage Gastonia, North Carolina

Mint Museum – NC
Najam Usmani

Our reputation precedes our name; About two decades back, Najam Usmani began dabbling in real estate as a side business. He enjoyed bringing people together to accomplish something tangible. Guided by this mindset, he created Epic 3 Holdings which is far from an ordinary real estate company. E3H comprised of a tightly knit team that moved fast and made profits – of which five percent was allocated toward community charities.

Najam trusted his team and empowered them to do extraordinary work together. He found his purpose through the joy and success that resulted from helping others. Whether supporting education initiatives from the Governor’s office or serving local charities like Loaves and Fishes, Allegro Foundation, A Champion for Children with Disabilities or Steve Smith Family Foundation, it was more satisfying than any other bottom-line benefit he knew in corporate America. To him, THIS was the American dream.

Fast forwarding to today — Longsouth Capital is the product of a series of successful projects that have led to the formation of an abundant network of clients. We are excited to assist you on your journey to finding the perfect home and offer tried and tested advice based on years of experience and extraordinary residential flips!

Anna Kate Edwards


I am a senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte pursuing degrees in Accounting and Finance. I am originally from Raleigh, NC, but came to Charlotte for college because of my love for the city. I am so excited to work for such a great company with such incredible people!

Jamie Craf

Real Estate Agent

I am originally from Southern California but have lived in Charlotte for over 25 years. After various other careers Real Estate is my passion and I love what I do. 

Allison Gregg

Allison Gregg is an administrative professional with over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and interior design. Allison skillfully maintains the integrity of client relationships by providing individualized support in high-pressure environments.

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